Unlike the other guy's when we service your axle joint’s we completely to remove all contaminated grease before we install a new axle joint boot.

Custom one off builds? We can do that too!

Is your machine beating you up? Do your shocks feel like they did new? They probably need to be serviced with new oil and a shot of Nitrogen. We service shocks in house and if you are in a hurry we can have you out in a day or two in most cases.​

With regular service and maintenance your equipment will last for many years to come.  Oil is cheep but replacing components can be quite expensive. Regular engine Service and  maintenance is often overlooked and can make a huge deference in the performance and life span of your engine. With a simple valve adjustment allot of trouble can be avoided. 

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Repair and service of the CVT drive systems helps keep that jurky feeling away.

Hours of operation            Phone (650) 868 - 7213       940 Terminal Way Unit "F"
9:30 am to 5:30 pm                                                 San Carlos, CA. 94070

Engine rebuilding or a top end rebuild is a great way to make an old machine feel like new again. Weather your looking to service  a stock engine or you want to add a little performance to the engine we can accommodate you.  We don't just toss things together here. We inspect the entire system and replace what is needed to get things operating properly. 

Custom building of primary and secondary pulleys is a must for any engine modifications and can help all-around performance.

If your transmission is in need of service or there is a bearing making noise we can open it up and fix the problem.